We absolutely love this 2016 LEGO Corner Deli set - great detail and style for a very reasonable price.

The first thing to say about this set is that it was only £30. The beauty of buildings over vehicles, is that there are generally a lot of similar, plain blocks, in this case the 1x1 and 1x2 bricks which form the main walls of the building. Since these are a lower cost to produce than some of the bigger or more intricate pieces, and since there is limited printing for the size of the set, you get a brick count of 467 pieces - far more than you'd find in an equivalently priced Star Wars set, for example.

While not being as large or detailed as the Expert and modular building ranges, this is a great looking building and would fit well into any LEGO town layout. The building sits best in its corner configuration, as shown, but can also be opened out into a long row with the small patio area clipped into the building at the left-hand end. 

The set comes with two minifigures (only one set of adult legs, though) and a couple of sandwiches. Details include an oven and cash register on the ground floor, and a comfy reclining chair and desk with lamp on the first floor. There is also access to the roof via and opening skylight.

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