LEGO Hauls!

I was very excited to discover that my local Shell garage seemed to be having a bit of a clear out when I last went in and had a shelf full of leftovers from the last (sadly the last ever, thanks to the do-gooders at Greenpeace) Ferrari/Shell/Lego promotion.

There were none of the car packs left except for the F1 racer but they did have podiums and stacks of the Shell Station bags.

I grabbed a couple of the stations because they look to have useful bits, and quite a lot of them compared to the car sets, and I figured I could build them together into something bigger to use in City scene videos.

I'll get a stop-motion video done of one of these when I get a chance.

This also reminds me that I have a 30192 Ferrari F40 from the first wave still bagged and unbuilt...