LEGO Hauls!

We don't yet have a stop motion build of any Technic sets on the YouTube channel and I've been looking for something special to be the first.

When I was browsing the range, I wanted something a bit more complicated than the entry level sets. In the mid-range priced sets, there weren't many which really stood out, but the one that did was 42040, the Fire Plane. 

As I was quite busy working through a stack of City sets at the end of 2015 (some of which still remain unbuilt), I didn't get around to buying the Fire Plane, but then it appeared in my huge Christmas/birthday LEGO haul!

It's a great looking set with a rotating propellor, moving parts in the engine, and moveable control surfaces on the wings, controlled by levers in the centre of the wing. It also has a water drop function which dumps a group of transparent 'water' blocks out of the back to tackle forest fires below.

I'm looking forward to getting started on this one so expect a video soon!