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This is a review of the LEGO Creator 3in1 Beach Hut set.

SET DATA      
Product ID 31035 Title Beach Hut
Theme Creator Type 3in1
Age 7-12  Year 2015
Pieces 286 Minifigures 2
Rating *** Price £19.99 / $29.99 / €24.99

The first thing to say is that this is in no way as detailed as some of the amazing Creator modular buildings, but then, it's also nowhere near the price. This is one of the lowest price LEGO buildings available and, since a lot of my City is heading in a beachward direction, it seemed like a pretty good option for some early set building.

The low price is reflected in a relatively small model size - those 286 pieces don't go far, but that makes for a straightforward build. The suggested age rating seems perhaps a little high, but that's probably down to the small internal details (a radio, lamp and some shop items) and a slightly repetitive build.

The main construction of the house is rather more garish than the modular buildings, being bright yellow, but it suits the sunny seaside intentions of the set, which includes a wooden walkway in front of the hut and a pier leading out over the bricky water. The roof is a navy blue which again contributes to a beachy feel with the upper porthole windows continuing the theme.

The finished building is hinged, as shown in the video below, to create a single, complete hut, but when opened out, the impression is more of a residence sitting next to the shop. The 'house' side has a plain glass front door, a lamp and a radio on a shelf inside. The 'shop' side contains a till next to the serving hatch/window and a small shelf with two drink or jar items.

Outside is a table and sun lounger, a bucket accessory with some star fish and on the roof, a large seagull. The brick-built gull is quite big and doesn't have quite the character of something like the standalone parrot pieces, but it's still a nice touch which helps set the theme.

The set comes with two minifigures. In the main design, they are shown as I have built them, the adult male wearing cap and hoodie, with the small girl wearing the wetsuit. However, the provision of black legs for them both means that they can be configured with either male or female being the adult, and either wearing the wetsuit. The inclusion of the child charater means a solid legs component which means no stop motion walking!

On the whole, this is a nice little set with some cool little touches. It could maybe have benefitted from another minifigure to run the shop and I've marked it down for the slightly garish colourscheme, but for the price, it's a worthwhile addition to any beach setting.


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