We finally got around to building our Bike Shop and Cafe Creator set!

Like the Corner Deli set, the Bike Shop and Cafe are nicely sized buildings at a lower price point than the Modular Buildings series. A good way to start or fill space in your LEGO town. Each building is around the size of the Deli and both can be opened out to place double-width along the side of the road, ideal for filling background space in a town scene.

The details is, naturally, not as fine as in Modular sets, but there is a pleasing amount going on within the buildings and three minifigures are included - a bike mechanic, restaurant owner and customer. There is also a small yellow sports car - this thing is tiny, like a dinky 60's sports car, in which the minifig towers over the windscreen, but it looks cool and has a hook on the back to attach a newly bought or repaired bicycle. The build of this is in a separate video below.

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